March Favourites

I know the month isnt over yet, but I doubt I will be buying anything else for the rest of this month as I have spent way too much money lately, particularly on brushes on eBay! Continue reading

February Favourites

I honestly cannot believe February is almost over with, just yesterday felt like New Years Day.. Its been an exciting month for buying and trying new and much loved products. This post will be about a few of these items and my thoughts on them. Happy reading!
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Beautyheaven Trial Team treasures

I have been a part of the Beautyheaven Trial Team for around a year or so now and have loved every minute of it. Continue reading


Its generally one of the things you first notice on a person, whether you intend to or not. Brows can make or break a look for anyone. Continue reading

Amazing authentic brand name beauty bargains for under $1AUD

Without hesitation, I always check my local stores for any and every amazing bargain. Living in a small town has its major disadvantages, but also its advantages when it comes to snagging such gorgeous products at for under $1AUD. Continue reading

eBay makeup – authentic versus fake

I am a huge fan of using eBay to purchase makeup items. A lot of businesses are establishing accounts on this platform to offer alternate ways for people to shop. Continue reading